Freewallet Bitcoin Gold, is it a good idea?

Bitcoin Gold Wallet by Freewallet was created approximately in 2016-2017. At that time, BTG was one of the most popular altcoins. Many traders and investors have been looking for a wallet to store Bitcoin Gold. Unfortunately, many people have decided to use the Freewallet app for this purpose. And this was a mistake, because this wallet was created by scammers to steal assets. Several years have passed since then, but scammers from Freewallet org continue to deceive their clients. We hope that this article will help warn users against such a mistake!



Freewallet and Bitcoin Gold: history


The BTG coin appeared as a result of the Bitcoin fork in 2017. At that time, the rate of the main cryptocurrency was growing rapidly, and many traders rushed to buy altcoins in the hope of earning even more. A few months later, the developers of the Freewallet org wallet announced that their application could accept and store BTG.


But then the first victims of the Freewallet scam appeared.


The scheme by which Freewallet owners deceive clients who decide to store Bitcoin Gold, Monero, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies in their wallet looks like this:

  1. The user creates a wallet and deposits coins and tokens there.
  2. As long as there are no assets at the address, or their amount is insignificant, the application works fine.
  3. As soon as a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency is transferred to the user, the administration blocks the wallet under the pretext of “suspicious activity.”
  4. Next comes the requirement to undergo verification. The client sends documents, but the administration rejects them, requests other documents, or simply ignores the messages.
  5. This process can last for years until the victim comes to terms with the loss of their savings.



There is a second reason why you should not use Freewallet for Bitcoin Gold payments. From time to time, reviews appear in which victims complain about disappeared transactions. The transfer seems to have disappeared, although the blockchain browser shows that the coins were sent to some foreign address. These 2 methods of deception allow Freewallet owners to steal millions of dollars!


Why users continue to make Freewallet Bitcoin Gold transactions


After reading more reviews about this wallet, you will be convinced that the owners of the application are scamming. But then why did Freewallet Bitcoin Gold transactions steal happen? The answer is very simple: the administration carefully deletes all complaints and negative reviews. In return, the authors hired by the owners write comments saying that Freewallet fees are low and this wallet is very fast, secure, and user-friendly.



There are dozens of complaints about Freewallet scams on large forums and review sites like Reddit. But unfortunately, Bitcoin Gold owners most often visit such sites only after they have lost their assets.


Is there an alternative to the Freewallet Bitcoin Gold bundle?


Of course there is. You can find hundreds of different crypto wallets. Most are intended for transactions with BTC or Ethereum, but it is quite possible to find an application for storing, exchanging and sending BTG.

We will not indicate the names of the wallets, because Freewallet org scammers have repeatedly tried to accuse us of advertising our competitors in this way. It is not true. We have no other purpose than to warn users about scams. Therefore, choose any wallet to store and exchange Bitcoin Gold and other cryptocurrencies.

Freewallet Custodial wallet Non-custodial wallet
Is a scam Is not safe enough Is almost totally safe
Support never helps to the customers Is user-friendly and often provides support May have no support and may be hard for the newbies
Was created by a group of criminals who try to hide their real names May be not legit, so that you should check, who are real owners of an app Usually is distributed as an open source software

It is preferable to use non-custodial applications, that is, services that do not store your private keys. In this case, the administration will not be able to steal your assets. Using exchanges, web wallets and custodial applications is a little more dangerous. Your funds may be frozen at the whim of the administration or stolen. But the final decision is definitely yours. Most importantly, never use the Bitcoin Gold and Freewallet combination. Because there are already hundreds of victims who have lost their money. Don’t become the next victim!


Let’s fight internet fraud together!


We created this site not only to warn owners of Bitcoin Gold or other cryptocurrencies. Actually there are hundreds of people who already lost their assets. Therefore, we ask everyone:

  • Never use Freewallet org app.
  • Never advertise it or work for it.
  • Share the real reviews about Freewallet scam.
  • Sign a petition claiming NFIB to start investigation against those fraudsters.