Freewallet is scam!

Dear visitors!

Most likely you came to this site wanting to watch Freewallet reviews or check Freewallet scam accusations. There is also a possibility that you have already created a wallet there and transferred tokens or coins. Perhaps the administration has blocked your wallet or your transactions have disappeared somewhere. Now you are studying Freewallet issues to get your assets back.


Never. Trust. Freewallet org. Administration.

Freewallet is scam

Freewallet scam led to loss of millions

We found hundreds of reviews from real customers. They all say one thing: Freewallet is a scam project!

Freewallet scam app:

  • Blocks customers accounts without any reasons. Some of this cases may be found here.
  • Deletes transactions from app history. In blockchain explorer you see that your coins went to another adress. But if you ask support, why you don’t see assets on your balance, they’ll answer that “you did it by mistake”, as it happened here.
  • Ignores customers tickets and claims for help. Freewallet org administration doen’t want to help you. They want to steal your money. So that, they’ll ignore tickets and messages until the victim will put up with assets lose.


Time to stop Freewallet scam!

Freewallet scam must be stopped! That’s why we created our website. Here you’ll find some advice and useful contacts. We prvode free informational and legal support for all the victims of Freewallet scam. There are several investigations againsta those fraudsters. And our goal is to make sure the scammers will get punishment for their actions.


Find real Freewallet reviews here

Another feature of Freewallet scam: the administration removes negative reviews. As soon as the victim leaves a message on forums or social networks, representatives of Freewallet org immediately appear and try to convince others that no coins were stolen. Freewallet administration pays for positive reviews. As a result, new victims of this fraudulent project appear.


That’s why we publish real Freewallet reviews here. We even add comments from visitors that do not provide specific evidence or figures. We understand that ordinary people may not have screenshots and other evidence at hand. But every person who lost money due to Freewallet scam deserves to be heard! Therefore, you can add your Freewallet review!