Freewallet victims database

We know about hundreds of Freewallet scam victims. Most customers after loosing their assets don’t know what to do. Usually people leave negative reviews, some of them you can find in our “database of Freewallet reviews“.

But it is not enough just to leave a review, if you want to get your coins and tokens back!

We’ve created a database of Freewallet scam victims.

It will be used in legal activities, including official crime reports and claims to financial authorities. It’s greatly important to know the certain number of vicitms and amount of stolen assets.

We guarantee that all people, who want to keep their names, financial history and other personal data in secret, will get the neccessary privacy. At the same time, if you provide as a right to use your story, we’ll do everything we can to save your money.

You can report to us about Freewallet scam via email We provide free legal and informational help!