Dmitry Gunyashov: a real Freewallet owner

Freewallet scammers often mention that their project is run by someone named Alvin Hagg. We conducted a private investigation and established the possible involvement of Dmitry Gunyashov (may also be known as Dmitrii Guniashov) in the creation of this wallet. Today it is worth telling more about this person in order to attract the attention of law enforcement officers and contribute to official investigations.


Who is Dmitry Gunyashov


There is little public information about this person in open sources. To find out who Dmitrii Guniashov is, we carefully studied social networks, but were unable to answer a number of questions:

  • Where does Dmitry live now?
  • Is he the only leader of the criminal group, given his modest personal abilities and the scale of fraudulent activities committed by Freewallet and Cryptopay.
  • What role do his brother Alexey Gunyashov and Dmitry’s close friend, Anton Makhno, play in the projects?


Today we know the following facts about Gunyashov. He was born on November 28, 1988 in Leningrad (today St. Petersburg). Dmitry has a brother, Alexey Andreevich Gunyashov. From the moment he received his passport, Dmitry Gunyashov lived at the address: St. Petersburg, Engels Avenue, building 111, building 1, apartment 516. In 2022, his registration address changed. But at the same time, an entry appeared on Gunyashov’s Facebook page that he lives in Lisbon (Portugal).


Photo of Dmitrii Guniashov from the police data center.


In 2013, Gunyashov registered a company in the United Kingdom called CRYPTOPAY EUROPE LIMITED. This company has now ceased to exist. However, there is other evidence confirming that Gunyashov lived in England for a long time. It was this fact that allowed us to make an official statement about the crime to the NFIB (the UK law enforcement agency authorized to investigate Internet crimes).



However, the question of where the creator of the fraudulent projects Freewallet and Cryptopay is today remains debatable. According to some sources, he returned to Russia in order to take advantage of the political situation to avoid persecution by European law enforcement officers. According to others, Dmitrii Gunyashov lives in Portugal or the United Kingdom.


For example, in September, 2022 he posted a question on his Facebook profile, asking his friend to advise wine specialists in Lisbon or the surrounding area. At the same time, Guniashov has repeatedly pointed out its connection with the UK and Hong Kong.



It is also difficult to determine data from his biography because his name can be transcribed from Russian in different ways. Therefore, in some sources he is listed as Dmitrii Guniashov, in others – as Dmitry Gunyashov.


In any case, this person does not hide his involvement in the Cryptopay company. The fact of Dmitry’s ownership of the Freewallet wallet is hidden, but there are enough relevant statements in the Internet.



For example, on one of the sites, Dmitry indicated that he founded web companies in Russia and Hong Kong. Moreover, the company that until 2022 was the owner of the Freewallet org website, Wallet Services Limited, was located in Hong Kong.


However, although Dmitrii Guniashov travels a lot, both he and his wife still rely primarily on Russian phone numbers. So, Gunyashov’s own number is +79219965549. The second number associated with him, + 7952390500, is also listed as the contact number for the Martial Arts Center located in St. Petersburg. It is possible that Dmitry helped in the creation of this center, although he is not listed as a member of the team.


Why is this information useful?


Hundreds of people from different countries have suffered from fraudulent activities by Freewallet. Often, victims contact local law enforcement agencies, but are refused because police officers cite the impossibility of prosecuting people living in another country. We do not have exact information about where Freewallet owner Dmitry Gunyashov is now. But he travels often and can be detained in any of his countries of residence: UK, Portugal, Russia, China. The question of his arrest depends on the activity of the victims themselves, so it is important that everyone who has suffered at the hands of scammers submits an official statement about the crime!


We continue our independent investigation, and urge anyone who can provide information about Dmitry Gunyashov and his accomplices to contact us via e-mail