Freewallet Monero scam review

You can store and send many cryptocurrencies in the Freewallet app. One of them is Monero (XMR). This coin is known among crypto investors as one of the most anonymous and safe assets. Transactions on the network are hidden from outsiders, so XMR is the choice of those who value privacy. But Freewallet app is a scam. It’s owners steal clients assets. That’s why we hope that this Freewallet Monero scam review will prevent you from losing money.


Freewallet Monero review


The first negative Freewallet Monero review was left 6 years ago. A user with the nickname BLUEEAGLE7327 tried to warn other traders about the dangers of using this “wallet”. Unfortunately, as can be seen from the discussion, many did not attach any importance to his words. There were even comments about low Freewallet fees, as an argument to use this app.


Freewallet monero review


The second situation involving the theft of client assets occurred in the same year. the user sent 0.37 XMR via Freewallet. The coins never arrived at the specified address. If you think this is a software glitch or user error, you are mistaken. Simply Freewallet administration steals customer’s coins, which is confirmed by many negative reviews.


freewallet xmr scam


Should I use Freewallet for XMR Monero payments?


The answer is “no”. Freewallet XMR reviews show that most part of clients lose their assets. Sometimes administration resends coins to third-party wallets. But more often Freewallet scammers just block users account for no reason. Later they ask you to complete “verification”. This procedure has nothing common with real KYC. Just check another Monero Freewallet review here.


Support saw that user deposited some XMR to Freewallet app. They decided to steal his coins. So, what they did: they blocked his account and then ignored messages and requests for help. Total ignorance is a very often thing on Freewallet org.


By the way, Freewallet XMR reviews show, that if you use this app, you won’t be able to stay anonymous. Normal crypto wallet doen’t require you to send any documents. Because it’s a WALLET, not an EXCHANGE or BANK or FINANCIAL SERVICE. Any crypto wallets must be anonymous. But it’s not the main issue of Freewallet. The main problem is that it’s owners are scammers. Even if you send them documents, they still won’t unblock your account.


You can find more Monero Freewallet reviews here. Freewallet is not good and not safe. That’s why you should never use it. It’s prefferable to choose non-custodial apps, that allow you to store your private keys. So if you downloaded Freewallet XMR app, delete it immediatly!


And if your Monero Freewallet transfer was unsuccessful, contact us and we’ll provide legal and informational help to get your coins back! Freewallet org is scam! Don’t use it!