FreeWallet structure: Legal entities associated with FreeWallet

One of the reasons why we do not recommend using multi wallet by Freewallet is that the site owners do not have a legally registered company. Moreover, we are convinced that alvin hagg, freewallet co-founder, actually has nothing to do with the management of the project, and the real owners are hiding their identity.
At the same time, from open sources we were able to identify individuals and legal entities possibly involved in the creation of the fraudulent Freewallet crypto scam.

Where is the office of Freewallet org?

Look at the photo above. This is what the entrance to the Freewallet org office should look like. To be more precise, the multi wallet by freewallet website states that it belongs to Wallet Services Limited, Hong Kong. It’s adress (Wallet Services Limited Suite A, 21/F, Eton building, 288 Des Voeux Central, Hong Kong) is dhown on the photo.

But in fact, such company does not exist for more than a year. In 2022, Wallet Service Limited (Hong Kong) was dissolved, as indicated on the registrar’s website. From this we can draw a conclusion. Multi Wallet by Freewallet is owned by a defunct company.

Is Freewallet legit

To answer this question, it is worth emphasizing that some companies with the name Wallet Services Limited exist.

In particular, at Cbc House, 24 Canning Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 8EG there is a company called Wallet.Services (Scotland) LTD. The head of this company is a citizen of the United Kingdom, Mr. Stuart Frazer, a truly experienced IT specialist. But it is important to note that Wallet.Services LTD apparently has nothing to do with the Freewallet crypto project! They have a completely different website and direction of activity!

There is also one more company with similar name: WALLET SERVICES LIMITED 2, SPINOLA ROAD, ST. JULIANS, MALTA

Apparently, this is the address of one of the companies associated with the owners of Freewallet. But on the map, this place looks even more inconsistent with the image of a legal business.

Is Alvin Hagg a real Freewallet owner?

It has been mentioned in some open resources that this projects real owners are UK residents Dmitrey Gunyashov and Alexey Gunyashov and a guy from Russia named Vasilli Meschyerokov. Some witnesses also mention Andrey Savchenko as one of the investors:

“looks like this guy has also organized this scam (Freewallet) Dmitreys dad Alexey Gunyashov and vasilli meschyerokov. I got the info from reviews on trustpilot and socialgrep.” – says one on the Freewallet scam victims on a crypto forum.

We can neither confirm nor deny this claim at this time, but if you have more accurate information about the owners of the project, please let us know. For an objective investigation, it is very important to know who is behind the theft of millions!

You can anonymously report to us about those involved in the Freewallet scam via email