Freewallet scam: how to withdraw stolen money

Freewallet is scam. This phrase may sound as official motto of our website. Every day dozens of victims lose their assets due to Freewallet scam. From time to time we come across comments in which customers complain about missing transactions. But more often, the administration simply blocks wallets under the guise of verification.


Freewallet scam reviews


Unfortunately, not all clients check reviews before installing the application. Therefore, the number of victims is constantly growing. But everyone has the opportunity to return stolen assets! Today we will talk about the most important steps for victims of Freewallet scam.


Urgent actions for Freewallet scam victims


If you have just deposited tokens or coins into your wallet, try to withdraw your assets as soon as possible. But don’t do it abruptly: if fraudsters realize that you are about to cash out, they will most likely block your wallet.


It is better to find 2-3 different exchange offices or crypto exchanges and send coins there in parts. There is an opinion that the Freewallet website has a special algorithm that makes it possible to work with the wallet until the program sees that the client is about to withdraw assets.


Freewallet identity verification


The most common form of Freewallet scam is account blocking under the guise of KYC. In fact, Freewallet identity verification is just an excuse to steal assets.

If you did not manage to withdraw your coins and your wallet is blocked, do not waste time trying to deal with Freewallet issues:

  1. Take a lot of screenshots confirming that you have a wallet and money in it.
  2. Contact support with a formal request, demanding that you return access to your assets. Be persistent, but don’t be rude or emotional.
  3. Record all correspondence with the company in the form of screenshots and videos.
  4. Don’t let the Freewallet org administration humiliate you. If you are required to provide personal documents (in addition to ID or drivers license), extracts, personal photos and videos, ignore such requests, as they insult your dignity! Verification has nothing to do with what Freewallet scammers do!


Freewallet KYC scam

Take a look at one of the Freewallet reviews. As usual, scammers demand more and more documents, do not help the client regain access to assets, but, on the contrary, complicate the verification process. This is a typical situation for Freewallet users!

Reviews on our website confirm that this has nothing to do with the real verification procedure (KYC/AML)

Freewallet scam “verification” Real KYC procedure on legit websites
Administration ignores messages Support helps the client to pass verification
The security service constantly requires new documents The service requirements are clear and do not change every day
As soon as the wallet receives an amount of interest to the scammers, access to the assets is frozen Verification is carried out only in cases provided for by the rules
Under the guise of verification, the client’s savings are stolen! After passing verification, support returns access to the wallet
This proves that Freewallet is a scam! And it’s support actions are illegal!

Freewallet account suspended, what else should I do?


If you want to return assets, tune in to the legal battle. You should contact a lawyer who can help you draw up a competent statement to law enforcement agencies. Only a court verdict can force Freewallet scammers to send you back stolen coins!


Write to this email as soon as you have any new Freewallet issues. Don’t expect the administration itself to meet you. We are ready to provide free legal assistance to all victims of the Freewallet scam. We guarantee complete confidentiality and qualified support.


How to leave a complaint about Freewallet scam


Negative reviews and comments are important because they warn other users from losing money. We are grateful to everyone who publishes information about the fraudulent actions of the Freewallet org administration.


You can leave reviews on reddit, bitcointalk, other crypto forums and in the social networks.


But you must understand that the most important thing is to file an official complaint with the police at your place of residence as soon as possible.


In addition, it makes sense to write parallel complaints to other competent authorities:

  • NFIB (investigates criminal cases in the United Kingdom, where one of the owners of Freewallet scam may reside).
  • FBI (has broad powers, but to begin an investigation it is important to link the activities of fraudsters to crimes against American citizens).
  • ICANN (has the ability to seek blocking of fraudulent domain names).



Freewallet org reviews prove that it’s a scam. Fraudsters may block any wallet and ignore later customers messages.


The best way to protect yourself from scam is to not use this wallet. And if you have already installed this app, try to withdraw the assets as soon as possible.


If your coins and tokens are blocked, please contact us via email We will try to provide all possible free assistance.


Be sure to take screenshots, which will be useful for further investigations. Only the police and the court can stop Freewallet scam! Therefore, it is important to seek official investigations, especially in those countries where Freewallet org owners may reside.




Why do you think that Freewallet issues occur due to the intention of the site owners?

We have dozens of evidence of asset theft. It is unlikely that hundreds of people are losing money due to the same mistakes. We are talking about the targeted theft of savings by the owners of Freewallet org!


How to withdraw money from Freewallet to bank?

Sorry, but this may be impossible. Freewallet app clients don’t have private keys. If your wallet is frozen, you won’t be able to send your assets to other address.


What wallet do you suggest using instead of Freewallet?

Any trustworthy, safe and non custodial wallet. We have no personal interest! We do not advertise any service or website. Read reviews and expert opinions, choose any options you like. But don’t use the Freewallet app, because it’s a scam!


What else can I do to get my money back or help victims of fraud?

We encourage every user to sign the petition demanding an investigation into the crimes! The more people sign, the faster Freewallet app owners will be held accountable!