Goals, objectives and help for the Freewalletscam project

In August 2023, we launched the first website about Freewallet team internet fraud. The scammers immediately filed a complaint against our site, saying that we are “advertising another wallet” and trying to “make money on visitors.” It is not true. We are not going to advertise any other crypto service. And we will not provide any paid services.

Our only goal is to hold the Freewallet administration accountable and force them to return the money stolen from customers

As part of the project, we:

We also strive to conduct an investigation and block the resources of scammers.

We never advertise any services. Ther are hundrends of various crypto wallets, exchanges etc. Some of them are worse, some are better. But you may try any service. The only thing you’ve got to know: Freewallet org is a scam project.

If you want to help us:

  • Sign a petition here .
  • Make a copmplaint or fill an application to competenet authorities.
  • Help us to spread information about freewallet scammers!