Active Community Action Against FreeWallet

The purpose of our site is to stop the internet fraud committed by the owners of Freewallet org.

We are aware of hundreds of clients whose assets have been stolen by Freewallet scammers. There are dozens of negative Freewallet reviews on the web. But in order to bring criminals to justice, every trader, investor, Freewallet scam victim or just a member of the crypto community must be active!

stop freewallet scam

Sign a petition to investigate Freewallet scam!

Our team has sent a number of official reports of the crime to the relevant authorities, including the FBI and NFIB. Law enforcement officers are studying the statements, but for the result it is necessary that everyone signs a petition calling for an objective investigation. The petition is available at this link:

The more signatures the petition collects, the more attention law enforcement will pay to our requests. The signing process itself takes 1 minute and does not require the provision of personal data!

Tell us your story of being scammed by Freewallet

Do you know why Freewallet scammers stay away from punishment for so long? Most of the victims resigned themselves to the loss of assets and refused to continue the fight. You can find dozens of Freewallet reviews on Reddit and other sites, but this does not bring problems to criminals, except negative reputation.

We can provide neccessary legal support for each victim for free!

Tell us about the incident by emailing Our lawyers will consult you for free, help you collect evidence and prepare an appeal to the competent authorities

The basis of any criminal proceedings is the testimony of witnesses and victims. Properly executed applications will help you in the future to receive compensation from scammers. Moreover, it is possible that you will receive not only stolen (blocked) assets, but also compensation for moral damage!
Write requests to the competent authorities

Send requests to the competent authorities!

On this page you can find official email adresses and physical adresses of competent authorities. Make screenshots, write your story and send it to them. Each action will fasten the proccess of Freewallet scammers arrest!

Send your reviews on forums and websites

The team of Freewallet org scammers employs competent marketers. They send out positive comments to attract new victims. But the more actively you write your stories, the fewer people will lose money. Leave reviews and comments everywhere, especially on the big forums!

Never give up! We know that you probably feel disappointed because of Freewallet scam. But we will stop them and help you to get your assets back!