Is Freewallet good

Is Freewallet a good crypto wallet? We can give a clear answer: NO! Because by using this application, you risk losing all your savings. To figure out, is Freewallet good, pay attention to the reviews of those who have already lost their assets because of this wallet!


is freewallet good

Is FreeWallet a good crypto wallet


A feature of blockchain technology is the irreversibility of transactions. Once you have sent coins to another address, there is no way to return them. Unless the recipient agrees to voluntarily forward them to you in case of an error. But there is no technical possibility to cancel the transaction. In some ways, this can be considered an advantage of cryptocurrencies: your transfers are protected from arbitrariness on the part of government agencies. But if the wallet you use belongs to criminals, you will lose your assets and it will be impossible to get them back!


Therefore, to understand is Freewallet a good crypto wallet, ask yourself: can its owners be trusted? The answer is obvious: no, since the owners themselves hide their names and do not have a legally registered business.

Our website already has material proving that Freewallet is not legit. So, is Freewallet good, if you don’t know it’s real CEO and owners?


Is Freewallet safe


The main disadvantage of custodial applications: the user does not have private keys. He cannot fully manage the assets, since at any moment the administration can steal or freeze them.


But if you want to know if Freewallet is safe, check real customers reviews. You will see dozens of customer complaints about their transactions disappearing, or the security service blocking access to wallets. This has nothing to do with security.


freewallet is not safe


Freewallet owners can steal your coins


There are dozens of victims’ stories on our website. But if you don’t trust our screenshots, you can find confirmation yourself. Type in Google queries is Freewallet good or Is Freewallet safe. You will see for yourself the stories of clients who have lost assets:

  • The administration stole tokens and coins from some victims, transferring them to a third-party address. In response to the request, the support service assured that an error had occurred and the client himself was to blame.
  • The administration also regularly blocks client wallets under the guise of KYC/AML policy. But then support ignores messages until the victim will accept the loss of assets.


Never use Freewallet


For those who still doubt whether Freewallet is good, we will show several reviews from victims. For example, here the client complains that he made 3 transactions to the wallet. None of them have been received, and the support service responds with standard templates.


Freewallet is not good


In this review, the user complains that the administration took too high a commission. But in fact, this is a small thing compared to the outright theft of assets that regularly occurs in the application!



This story is one of the most shocking. The client was raising money for cancer treatment. Although he had all the statements and documents, the administration blocked his wallet without reason. Is Freewallet safe? Sure, not. Because using a safe wallet you will never face freezing of your assets!



On Reddit you can see dozens of stories of those whose coins and tokens were blocked. Website owners ignore customer requests or constantly update their requirements. This situation has led to the fact that today the victims are writing appeals to law enforcement officers, and we are trying to help them return the stolen assets. So if you are wondering Is Freewallet a good crypto wallet, be careful! Choose any other crypto service, but not Freewallet!




Freewallet is neither a safe nor a good wallet. It’s not even legit since Freewallet owners don’t have a legitimate business.


On our website and many forums you can find dozens of stories of clients who have lost their savings. Their transactions mysteriously disappeared, or the administration blocked the wallets for no reason. In addition, users do not have private keys, so the safety of assets is entirely in the hands of the administration.


If you want to know is Freewallet good or is Freewallet a safe wallet, check reviews and find any other service! Don’t let fraudsters to steal your money!