Freewallet scam: Fraud facts and financial crimes

Freewallet is scam. This is the first fact you have to notice if you ever think about using their app. The whole project called Freewallet is created with a single purpose: to steal your assets. On this page we will conduct a full analysis of the accusations against this wallet, starting from the fact thatalvin hagg, freewallet co-founder is a figurehead, and ending with dozens of stories of project victims.

Freewallet is scam

Freewallet scam Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest forums on which customers discuss crypto wallets, financial projects and other online instruments. An important advantage of the platform is the ability to add comments and write posts in thematic communities. This helps you easily find the reviews you need. Freewallet scam on Reddit is one of the widespread topics. You can find dozens of complaints from Freewallet victims.

freewallet scam reddit

Alvin hagg, Freewallet co-founder claims that the project was founded in 2016 in Estonia. This is not true, and Reddit users were among the first to notice the dangers of using this wallet. Back in 2017, users wrote that Freewallet scammers blocked wallets without any reason and ignored requests to support.

Usually the process of fraud looks like this. The user deposits tokens or coins. Immediately after this, the security service freezes the account. The victim tries to pass verification, but the support ignores the requests. The essence of Freewallet scam is that no matter how many documents the victim provides, the company will not return access to the wallet to her. This is how scammers steal assets.

The second type of Freewallet scam is sending payments to false addresses. The user sends assets, but they disappear. Fraudsters from the administration delete transaction history. When analyzing the situation, they pretend that the client himself made a mistake. By request Freewallet scam Reddit shows lots of similar complaints.

Is Freewallet legit

The main topic of this material is Freewallet scam. But in addition to direct evidence (testimonies of victims), there are also indirect arguments in favor of the fact that Freewallet was created for Internet fraud. The wallet website states that the owner is Wallet Services Limited. But as it turned out, the company with that name ceased to exist in 2022. Is Freewallet legit? – No!

In practice, this means that the administration can disappear at any time, and all customers will lose their savings. Finding fake owners will be very difficult.

Is Freewallet good?

This is another question often asked by new customers. The answer is also “no”. Freewallet is not good. If a number of Reddit reviews looks not enough for you, you may check other resourses.

For example, there are several Facebook groups in which victims discuss how the lost assets due to Freewallet scam. We want to emphasize.

The conversation is not about is freewallet safe or how secure is freewallet. We are talking specifically about accusations of fraud. According to our data, scammers have already stolen more than $8 million from customers.

Let’s stop Freewallet scam

Most of our website visitors are victims who have already lost money due to Freewallet scam. But no matter your situation, we encourage everyone to join the fight against the demand to hold the Freewallet administration accountable!