Is Freewallet safe?

A “safe crypto wallet” typically refers to a cryptocurrency wallet that prioritizes security features to protect the user’s digital assets. Cryptocurrency wallets are digital tools that allow users to store, receive, and send their cryptocurrencies. The term “safe” implies that the wallet has implemented various security measures to safeguard the private keys and the funds held within the wallet.

Is Freewallet safe? No! And we can explain, why.

The developers of the Freewallet org wallet focus on the security measures of the service (cold storage, two-factor authentication, hacking resistance). But all these are just minor details. The peculiarity of Freewallet is that the administration can block the client’s assets at any time! This is called KYC fraud.

Freewallet is not safe

A KYC (Know Your Customer) scam refers to fraudulent activities where individuals or entities impersonate legitimate organizations to trick individuals into providing their personal and sensitive information, typically as part of a fake KYC verification process.

In a KYC scam, scammers may create websites, emails, or messages. They often claim that the individual needs to update or verify their personal information due to regulatory changes, security upgrades, or other fabricated reasons.

This is exactly what the Freewallet administration does. As soon as the client receives an incoming transaction, his account is blocked. After this, the victim unsuccessfully tries to pass verification, but support ignores requests or rejects documents under a flimsy pretext.

See how one of the victims describes the situation on Reddit. First, the administration blocked the wallet and then delayed the KYC procedure. The ultimate goal of scammers is to steal the user’s money. That is, to make the victim come to terms with the loss of coins. So, is Freewallet safe? Of course not!

Never use Freewallet app

Scammers try to convince customers that Freewallet is safe. They constantly talk about reliable burglary protection, cold storage and other measures. But this is just a trick.

If you look closely at customer reviews, you will find hundreds of similar complaints.

Freewallet is not safe! This app was designed to steal assets. Of course, when choosing a crypto wallet, you should evaluate its resistance to hacking, the presence of two-factor authentication, etc. But these are just details. First of all, pay attention to the reputation of the service.

Reviews from real clients on various sites show that Freewallet simply steals coins by blocking wallets. Therefore, under no circumstances should you use this service. Is Freewallet safe? No, it’s a fraud!