Freewallet: full review and explanation of this scam

What is Freewallet org? Some people may answer: “It’s a safe and secure crypto wallet”. This answer seemed logical, because all the advertising tells us about the benefits of the application. There is a built-in exchanger and support for dozens of tokens and coins. But in reality, Freewallet is a scam. And all the reviews advertising this application are actually paid for by the administration. In reality, clients only lose their savings.

What is Freewallet?

First of all, it is worth noting that there are 2 completely different wallets with this name.

One of them is available through the Freewallet io website. We have seen different reviews about this application, but in general its user rating is quite neutral. Since our task does not include advertising or anti-advertising of any crypto service, we will refrain from personal assessment. We can say that Freewallet io is a regular crypto wallet. Whether he is good or bad, decide for yourself.

But the application available on the Freewallet org website is a real scam. Yes, in appearance this is also a regular wallet, with a convenient interface and low fees. But clients are faced with the theft of their assets using a method called KYC fraud.

What is KYC scam?

On many crypto exchanges and similar services, clients are required to undergo verification. KYC and AML checks are a mandatory requirement set by regulators. During the verification process, the client needs to provide scans of his passport, sometimes a personal photograph or face image. In addition, users need to fill out a form to exclude the possibility of using the wallet for illegal purposes. Many users do not like KYC, but we do not undertake to evaluate this procedure itself.

Under the guise of verification, the Freewallet administration simply steals client assets. As soon as the user receives an incoming transaction, Freewallet blocks the ability to withdraw coins. This is usually explained as “suspicious activity”. The client is trying to regain access to assets, writes messages and sends documents. But support ignores tickets, or rejects the provided scans under various pretexts.

It’s a total fraud, and we can show dozens of complaints in which Freewallet scam victims tell their stories!

Freewallet reviews

We have already found hundreds of reviews in which users tell how the administration illegally blocked their wallets and stole their assets. Such complaints can be found on almost all independent forums and portals.


There are dozens of communities dedicated to cryptocurrencies on this platform. And in almost every one of them, Freewallet has a reputation as a fraudulent application. For example, in a group dedicated to the cryptocurrency Monero, moderators generally prohibit any advertising of this service due to numerous complaints.

If you look through Reddit, you can find at least 20 stories about how the Freewallet administration stole customer savings under the guise of KYC.

Most of all, we remember a story where scammers stole coins that a person with cancer was collecting for treatment. We don’t know how the victim’s fate turned out later, but this is simply a blatant case of meanness on the part of the application owners.


On this forum we found more than 20 topics dedicated to Freewallet scam. Moreover, regular visitors, seeing another victim’s story, often ask the question “why did you use a wallet that has long been convicted of stealing assets?” But the victims are also understandable. Freewallet spares no expense on advertising, and newcomers rarely carefully scroll through the comments, limiting themselves to reviews on well-known sites.

But in general, reviews on Bitcointalk give a clear understanding of the wallet’s assessment: if dozens of people here complain that the administration stole their savings, then such an application definitely cannot be trusted!


This is one of the most popular review platforms. Freewallet has posted quite a few custom posts here promoting their app. But if you carefully read the comments and opinions of users, you will notice how many of them complain about scams.

By the way, the situation on platforms similar to is not much different: on the one hand, the administration spends money on advertising by placing custom posts, on the other hand, you can find dozens of complaints and stories about the loss of assets.

Which one to believe is up to you to decide. Just don’t be surprised if Freewallet scammers someday block your coins too!

Freewallet features: be careful, it’s just a wat to attract new victims

Freewallet features. If you look at the promotional materials distributed by the administration, it may seem that we are talking about an ideal application. Even the name is consonant with the phrase Free wallet. And low fees are one of the reasons why many users choose this scam.

In addition, Freewallet offers:

  • Multicurrency.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Built-in service for exchanging tokens and coins.

All this is a lie! All the Freewallet administration wants is to make you download the application and get coins. After this, the account is simply blocked. Sooner or later, the victims come to terms with their losses and the coins and tokens pass into the hands of Freewallet owners.

Is Freewallet safe

First of all we should discuss what the word “safe” means. Usually we are talking about safety and reliability. That is, resistance to hacking.

But if you use Freewallet org, you don’t have to be afraid of hackers. Because the administration itself will happily steal your assets and then clear your transaction history. That’s why we can definetely say that Freewallet is not safe.

Is Freewallet legit

We have an interesting piece investigating who might be the real owner of the app. And the unusual thing about the situation is that the real creators of the wallet apparently hide their names and hide under the legal name of a company… which does not exist in nature. So that, Freewallet is not legit.

Is it possible to help Freewallet scam victims?

The answer to this question is very difficult. But in general, our site was created precisely for this purpose.

  • First of all, you need to keep evidence that fraudsters have stolen or illegally blocked your assets. Make screenshots confirming the presence of coins, correspondence with Freewallet, notifications about the unavailability of transactions.
  • The next step is to prepare an official request to the local competent authorities. Describe the situation and your complaints against the scammers in detail.
  • Make your story public: leave comments and complaints on any available resources. Often the administration lifts the block, seeing the risk of worsening an already bad reputation.
  • Help warn other users. We can stop Freewallet scam only through joint efforts. So take the time to sign our petition to the NFIB to investigate the crimes, and spread the word that exposes this app!

In addition, it is worth noting that today you can download the Freewallet app only through the AppStore service. For example, Google removed all builds precisely because of numerous complaints. As for the Appstore, we encourage users to send abuse to the store moderators in order to force them to remove the application and protect other people from losing their assets.

Only by working together can we stop scammers! Whether the stolen assets will return to you depends on your activity!