How Freewallet scammers cheat reviews

Freewallet is an application positioned as a crypto wallet, and at the same time repeatedly mentioned on various resources as a fraudulent project created to steal assets. As soon as users receive an incoming transaction, the administration blocks access to the coins. After which the support ignores the victim’s requests and does not allow him to withdraw his assets.

Hundreds of clients have already become victims of scammers. It would seem that all resources dedicated to reviews of wallets and crypto applications should be littered with complaints and negative reviews. But instead we often see positive comments. Where do they come from, and how does Freewallet manage to attract new victims?

The answer is very simple. Some of the coins stolen from clients go to pay for the services of PR specialists who post flattering reviews and comments.

Fake Freewallet reviews

According to our data, the real owners of Freewallet are two natives of Russia, Dmitry Gunyashov and Vasily Meshcheryakov. And if the first is more of an administrator, then Meshcheryakov is a rather talented marketing and advertising specialist. Thanks to smart media campaigns in his homeland, he managed to obtain government funding for absolutely dubious projects. It is not surprising that the promotion of Freewallet is also successful. As an example, you can consider the reviews on the web resource.

Here is a real review left back in 2022 by a victim named Olga. The user says that her coins were blocked. Funds stuck in the wallet, the option to send crypto has been disabled for more than a week. This is how the victim comments on the problem.

But when we go to the Freewallet at page, the first review we see is a completely different text. It colorfully describes all the advantages of this wallet.

A certain Chanaka A. describes in detail how safe, reliable and convenient the Freewallet application is. He describes how convenient it is to have access to hundreds of tokens and coins in one wallet, and how good the design is here. Seeing this description, you involuntarily want to download the application immediately. But before that, think about it. How believable is the story that a REAL customer left such a comment? And it’s not even that Freewallet is a fraudulent project. Even if this wallet didn’t steal clients’ assets. Would you or someone you know spend several hours writing and posting a complimentary review of an app?

Of course not. After all, no one will spend their time advertising even a good application for free. The conclusion is very simple – this is a custom review paid for by the Freewallet owners themselves.

But the most interesting thing is that on Capterra, such fake complimentary comments are located at the top of the rating. That is, the resource administration clearly acts on the side of the wallet owners, and not the real users. Otherwise, they would at least warn readers about the presence of complaints. From this we can draw a second conclusion: Freewallet owners generously order advertising on “independent” platforms in order to hide negative reviews and raise positive ones in the rankings!

Here is a review from another victim of fraud. Here is a short, but essentially, description of the complaint against the administration. The review is on the last place on the Capterra website.

And here are the top 2 comments on If you don’t read further, you might think that the app is just perfect. This is why beginners often install Freewallet and lose money. They simply have no idea how many people have already left complaints. These complaints are not visible on the websites.

Don’t advertise Freewallet scam! 

With this text we want to address primarily the owners of sites that publish reviews about various applications, including Freewallet. We know that the administration of the wallet generously pays for advertising and tries to convince you of the reliability of the application. But that’s not true. There is a lot of evidence of fraud and asset theft online. Don’t help scammers take your clients’ coins! Do not publish fake custom reviews and do not recommend this wallet to beginners!