Freewallet reviews on sitejabber and trustpilot

Freewallet scammers try to get new customers by posting dozens of fake reviews. The copywriters they hire actively write positive comments and make beautiful reviews of the application. But if you look at independent review services like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, you will notice dozens, if not hundreds of complaints and demands for refunds.

Sitejabber Freewallet reviews is an international platform where users can leave opinions about popular services. All comments are added only after verification, which reduces the risk of adding custom comments. And thanks to this, clients can see dozens of complaints from victims due to the Freewallet scam.

Almost half of the messages written here are stories about how clients’ savings were stolen under the guise of verification (KYC fraud)

In this post, a user named Vladimir says that he has not been able to pass verification for a month. His assets are frozen, although the coins came from an official exchanger, which virtually eliminates the risk of their illegal origin.

Please note that Freewallet employees cannot remove reviews on independent sites (which is their advantage). But service representatives are trying hard to pretend that they are trying to solve customer problems. They promise a quick response and help. But these are just words, in reality you can also see old comments talking about blocking that was never lifted

This is a scam application. Stay away from this company. You will see something like this message from victims if you study reviews on Sitejabber.

Trustpilot Freewallet reviews

It is important to note that there are 2 wallets on the network called Freewallet: Freewallet io and Freewallet org. These applications are released by different companies. And we haven’t encountered any sharply negative reviews regarding Freewallet io.

But in the wallet thread on the Trustpilot portal there are many complaints about fraud committed by the administration of Freewallet org.

Stay away from Freewallet scam. This app is created to steal your coins. This is how a user named James describes this wallet.

Run away! A KYC never look like this. They are thieves. Another user left this complaint to Freewallet org. In total, we saw more than 10 negative comments regarding the wallet on Trustpilot, and this is even taking into account the fact that people left them on the Freewallet io review page.

From this we can draw simple conclusions:

  • Freewallet is a scam project that has already deceived hundreds of users.
  • This fraud must be stopped.
  • Never use any crypto apps before checking real customers reviews on independent websites.