Freewallet for Bytecoin payments

Freewallet for Bytecoin payments. Our experience has shown that crypto investors often use the Freewallet app for altcoin payments. Today we will explain why this error can lead to the loss of all assets!

Bytecoin is on of the oldest altcoins. This crypto currency was founded in 2012. The peculiarity of Bytecoin is the use of the Cryptonote algorithm, which increases the anonymity of transactions. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, BCN coins are automatically shuffled, making it difficult to identify participants in a transaction.

This circumstance alone makes Freewallet Bytecoin transactions meaningless. Freewallet is a custodial wallet. Users don’t have private keys, and the administration can easily log customers activity. So that, if you use custodial applications for transferring BCN, you have to forget about anonymity. But that’s not the main Freewallet issue!

Freewallet is scam, created to steal assets

In this screenshot you see one of the photos on Instagram of Freewallet owner Dmitrii Guniashov. One of the commentators asks Dmitry why he stole his money and also hacked his email. On our website you can find hundreds of similar comments and complaints. Freewallet crypto wallet is launched by a group of scammers from Russia.

The scheme by which criminals steal cryptocurrency from clients’ wallets is very simple:

  1. Customer installs Freewallet app and send to his wallet some coins, for example Bytecoin.
  2. As soon as he gets enough money on his balance, administration freezes his account.
  3. User tries to pass verification, but support ignores his messages and tickets.

It’s a mistake to use Freewallet for Bytecoin payments because your BCN will be stolen by the administration. We call this situation a Freewallet KYC scam.

Look at those reviews. Most part of Freewallet customers already lost their assets, including Bytecoin. Some of them tried to pass verification, but their attempts were unsuccesful!

We also must warn you that Freewallet Bytecoin transactions may “get lost”. Or rather, the transfer itself, of course, occurs and is displayed on the blockchain. But if you go into your wallet, you will not see the transaction, and the support service will claim that you made a mistake and it was your fault that the coins arrived at the wrong address. In fact, the administration simply steals assets, after which they delete the negative comments of the victims!

Bytecoin via Freewallet: are there any alternatives?

Yes. for sure. You shouldn’t send Bytecoin via Freewallet, because this project is a total scam. More then that, the creators of this project are natives of the Russian city of St. Petersburg Dmitry Gunyashov and Vasilii Meshcheryakov. We can provide their real addresses and telephone numbers.

NameDmitry GunyashovVasilii Mesheryakov
AdressEngelsa avenue, 111, app 516
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Savushkina str, 125,
building 2 app 119,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Now go to the Freewallet org website and try to find at least some information about these people who are actually leading the projects. You will not find a single mention, not a single contact. The reason is simple: the creators of the project hide their names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Because Freewallet org steals customers savings, which is a typical internet fraud!

That’s why you shouldn’t send Bytecoin via Freewallet: otherwise you will lose your BCN.

But the alternative to Freewallet Bytecoin payments exists. Try to find a safe and secure non-custodial wallet. We can’t name any certain app, because our goal is to warn about Internet fraud, committed by Freewallet owners, not to advertise any other services!