Ethereum wallet by Freewallet: never use it!

Ethereum wallet by Freewallet. For newbies in crypto trading or crypto investments this phrase may sound like a good suggestion. On Freewallet org it’s claimed that their payment app is created to let anyone store, send and withdraw ETH and other coins.

This is a lie, because Freewallet is a scam project! Never use it!

On this screenshot you see a negative review left by Anya Skirko. She thought that Ethereum wallet by Freewallet is good solution to store her ETH. Ms. Skirko sent about $300 in Ethereum. But Freewallet scammerc blocked her account because of ‘unverified email’. A victim was trying to pass the KYC but all attempts vere unsuccesful.

Freewallet is a scam! All they do is just block your app so you lose control over your assets!

More Ethereum wallet by Freewallet reviews

If you are looking for more Ethereum wallet by Freewallet reviews, visit our forum. Here there are dozens of posts in which customers tell how Freewallet app stole their coins and tokens. Of cource most payments were in ETH, USDT or BTC. Freewallet eth erc-20 wallet is one of the most frequant ways to lose money.

Freewallet support will block your account for no reason. You’ll try to send them a message, but they will ignore you. Or your transaction will pe lost. And support will explain that it was “your mistake”.

On this image you can see that Freewallet support fraudsters waste their customers time asking them to provide “verificationa; code again and again”. Later they will ask photos of your ID, drivers license, bills etc. Freewallet eth erc-20 wallet works only till you make your deposit. After this scammers block the account and steal your assets!

Be careful: fake reviews

Many people still try to get Ethereum wallet by Freewallet only because those fraudsters delete all negatibe reviews. Here is a story from a guy who got a ban on Freewallet official page. Just because he was trying to explain that this is a scam!

Freewallet is scam. This is the first fact you have to notice if you ever think about using their app. The whole project called Freewallet is created with a single purpose: to steal your assets.

Never trust them! Never use their wallet! And if you do – try to withdraw your assets immediately!

Ethereum wallet by Freewallet is scam! Change eth freewallet to Kraken, Metamask, Electrum, any other solution but NOT FREEWALLET!