Freewallet deceives users by calling its wallet “non-custodial”

Freewallet is not safe. It’s a fraudelent app designed to steal assets. But since users leave negative reviews, the administration has “rebranded” its product. Now they call their wallet non-custodial, since users can supposedly store private keys.

For this purpose, the administration even published detailed instructions in which it tells clients how to properly use a non-custodial wallet. But the scammers forgot to mention the main thing. The new Freewallet, just like the old one, can block your assets under the guise of “verification”. That is, you will become a victim of exactly the same KYC fraud. Don’t use Freewallet! This is the only real advice we can give you!

Non-custodial applications are truly more secure, because only you have the private key that allows you to withdraw assets. But a true non-custodial wallet cannot block your transactions at all. This is just an application that allows you to work with the blockchain; it should not have any KYC/AML checks, verifications, or transaction blocking options. Otherwise, your coins will just as easily be stolen from you!