Anti-blog freewallet

The Freewallet administration announced adresses update on its blog. In more detail, the receiving addresses for many tokens and coins, including AVAX and MATIC, have suddenly changed. Freewallet representatives said that this is being done to “increase security.” But the real reason for the sudden change of addresses is explained simply.

In the news about the change of details, scammers warn: transactions sent to previous addresses will not be processed. That is, for example, the client agreed with the counterparty about the transfer and sent him his wallet number. A few days later the address changed, and at this moment the client is waiting for the same transfer. Alas, his money will be lost. But at the same time, the Freewallet administration itself has private keys to all wallets. And this lost money will instantly go into their pocket!

Seems like Freewallet scammers decided that KYC fraud doesn’t bring enough money. Now they will easily steal your coins, under the guise of “adresses change”.