Freewallet review: new scam accusation

New Freewallet reviews. New scam accusation. A client with the nickname Michael W. reported an unsuccessful transaction in his wallet. The coins did not reach the recipient, and the support service has not responded to messages for 24 hours.

freewallet review from a customer

What does this freewallet .org review mean?

Such comments are not uncommon on the Internet. We have come across dozens of reviews in which users complain about being deceived by the owners of the freewallet org.

The main problem is that every Freewallet review with a message about fraud is immediately clogged with several flattering comments paid for by the Freewallet app scammers themselves. As a result, newbies get the impression that failed transactions, missing coins, or blocked wallets are random Freewallet issues.

In fact, Freewallet is a scam! Such “mistakes” occur for one reason: in this way, the site administration steals tokens and coins. The victims’ assets end up in the scammers’ wallets, which can be easily tracked through a blockchain explorer. And the support service is silent and ignores the requests of victims.

freewallet scam review

Freewallet is scam

This Freewallet review shows that any person may lose his or her assets. The amount doesn’t matter much. In the history of deception, there have been cases where scammers stole more than $100,000. This Freewallet review shows that user lost only $960. So that, fraudsters may steal any amount of money.

How not to lose money

There is no secret. Choose any wallet you like, except freewallet org. Of course, it is better to prefer non-custodial instruments. But even if you don’t want to bother with storing private keys and installing applications, choose any reliable service. But not Freewallet scam app!

What if I already made a deposit there?

It may be a problem. As most Freewallet review show, victims usually lose their assets, because:

  • Tokens or coins go to another adress without customers notification. Support ignores messages or explain that “this issue appeared due to user’s mistake”.
  • Fraudsters from freewallet org block accounts under the pretext of verification. But the wallet is frozen forever, and the assets are taken by the scammers themselves.

If this situation happens to you, immediately take all possible screenshots confirming the availability of funds and correspondence with the support service. Make your personal Freewallet review and spread it everywhere, because those scammers are afraid of publicity.

Tell us about the incident

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We can provide free legal support and make the case public, but we also guarantee your anonymity if you wish!

Visit the page and check what to do in case of Freewallet scam.

Each freewallet review, each abuse, crime report or repost is approaching the moment when the scammers will be brought to justice and will be forced to return the stolen assets to the victims!