Scammers from Freewallet org lure crypto traders with “price forecasts”

One of the large groups in the crypto community are traders. People who try to make a profit from the rise or fall in the price of a selected asset. Trading itself is quite risky. After all, no one knows what the rate of a token or coin will be in a week, month or year.

But in our case, the main problem is the fraudulent nature of the Freewallet wallet. The administration is only interested in one thing: for the client to send cryptocurrency to his address. After which the company will simply block the wallet and steal the savings.

To lure clients, scammers from Freewallet org regularly add cryptocurrency price forecasts for several years in advance to their blogs. In this way, they convince traders and investors to purchase digital assets. Of course, to your Freewallet wallet.

It’s important to remember that the administration doesn’t really care whether their forecast comes true. The main thing is that traders and investors make a deposit. And then the scammers will easily transfer the coins to personal wallets or simply block the victims’ access to their accounts!