“New” Freewallet – same scam!

Freewallet org anounced new app to store coins and tokens, “self-custody web3 wallet”. The owners of the project claim that this application is much more convenient and secure. And the first thing they attract clients with is the ability to store private keys. It would seem that this is an ideal option, eliminating the possibility of scam. If the user has private keys, no one except him will be able to transfer assets to another address.

Freewallet also attracts with low fees, built-in cryptocurrency exchange rate monitoring and exchanger. But don’t rush to install the application! This is the same scam as before!

The administration still has the ability to block user accounts. Yes, although the application is called self-custodial, to register a wallet you need to create an account, which is subject to all the conditions specified in the service rules. And they indicate the right of the administration to block assets at any time for an unlimited period!

We are sure that in the coming days new reviews will appear in which victims will tell how the administration blocked their web3 Freewallet crypto wallet. This is deception and fraud! Don’t believe scammers’ advertisements! Don’t use Freewallet!