Freewallet exchange is a fraud!

Freewallet exchange service may sound an easy way to buy or sell Bitcoin, Monero, Bytecoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. But actually it’s the easiest way to lose your savings! Freewallet exchange is designed to steal users’ tokens and coins. Hundreds of clients have already lost their assets, don’t become the next victim!

A good wallet allows clients to not only receive and store, but also exchange BTC, XMR, ETH Bitcoin Gold and other coins. There is nothing wrong with buying and selling assets directly in the app. But the Freewallet app is designed to steal users’ assets. Additional functionality here only serves as a bait for customers!

Freewallet exchange service scams clients!

As soon as you send cryptocurrency to your address, the company’s security service will immediately block the transactions. There is no point in trying to get verified. Even the user agreement states that the administration has the right to demand any documents and freeze assets for any period. This provision did not appear in the service rules by accident.

Freewallet is designed to steal assets. Under the guise of KYC, the administration will simply block your wallet, and when you get tired of trying to get verified, they will steal your savings!

See what reviews are usually left by users who decide to try the Freewallet exchange service. They all lost access to the wallet, and, accordingly, their tokens and coins!

More reviews about Freewallet exchange

The administration of the Freewallet org site are scammers. They invest a lot of money in advertising, telling newbies about the benefits of their application. There are low fees, many available tokens and coins, and a user-friendly interface. All this attracts customers. But as soon as the money arrives at the address, the user is blocked. His assets end up in the pockets of fraudsters.

Do not try to find honest reviews about Freewallet exchange and other services on the official pages of the application. Only custom comments are published there. But on any independent website you will find hundreds of complaints from victims.

Let’s stop Freewallet scam

Only the law can stop scammers from Freewallet org. We have already submitted appeals to law enforcement agencies in different countries. And now we are helping victims to return the money stolen from them for free. Anyone who has encountered deception can count on our support.

But it will be much easier if users themselves stop downloading the application and losing money due to Freewallet exchange or other similar services! Never use it and never recommend this fraud to anyone!