Alvin Hagg is being investigated

Our goal is not only to help affected Freewallet customers. We want the organizers of the project to receive the punishment they deserve and end up behind bars. According to our data, there is a group of people behind the creation of Freewallet org. It is possible that the CEO, Alvin Hagg, is generally a minor participant or figurehead. But nevertheless, since his name appears when Freewallet is mentioned, we demand that he be brought to justice.

Crypto scammer Alvin Hagg is being investigated

Unfortunately, we cannot provide full info of the case at this time. You cannot give scammers the opportunity to prepare. But we can reveal some details.

Not long ago, Alvin Hagg and his accomplices stole coins from another victim. The client turned out to be an educated and competent person. He did not waste time on long correspondence with the administration. On the contrary, he immediately recorded the evidence and filed a statement with local law enforcement. Moreover, the victim also contacted the structures responsible for investigating online fraud.

When we received a letter from the victim, we also quickly responded and contacted the local police. They explained that Freewallet is a fraudulent project that has already robbed hundreds of users. We have asked agency officers to conduct a thorough investigation into Alvin Hagg and other possible suspects.

Studying all the materials may take time, but the main thing that can be noted now is that Alvin Hagg and his accomplices may soon end up behind bars. We, in turn, will definitely inform readers if there is information that can be published without prejudice to the investigation.

If you have lost money due to the fault of Freewallet, or you have information about the whereabouts and role in the crimes of Alvin Hagg or other project leaders, please let us know. You can remain completely anonymous if you wish!

We also remind customers who have lost coins due to the block. You are dealing with a scam. Well, we have to hope that the problem will solve itself. File reports with local law enforcement agencies. Demand an investigation. And let us know about your applications so we can provide the support you need!