Why have Freewallet released so many different builds of their apps?

The official Freewallet blog constantly mentions various applications: “Operations with ALGO coins are now available in the multi-wallet wallet,” “We have released a new IGNIS Wallet,” etc. Do you know why scammers constantly release new builds?

The name of the project, Freewallet, is similar to the phrase “free wallet”. That’s why scammers issue, say, Dogecoin wallet. And as soon as the user enters the phrase Free wallet Dogecoin in the search, Google redirects him to the Dogecoin wallet by Freewallet page.

It is this scheme that helps scammers constantly find new clients. That’s why we’re lobbying major app stores, including the App Store, to ban Freewallet. They are not just scammers. They are very dangerous scammers, since beginners may perceive the name of the project as a description that they are being offered a free cryptocurrency wallet.