Why do law enforcement authorities ignore the facts of Freewallet fraud?

Last week, the Freewallet administration succeeded in blocking our site. This is not surprising, because according to our data, scammers steal thousands of dollars from clients every day. With this money you can hire the best lawyers, pay for complaints and abuses.

Today the site has been restored, no actions of scammers will prevent us from publishing real stories of victims and seeking justice! But I would like to ask the question, why do law enforcement officers ignore all the facts of crimes and do not take any action to protect clients?

Why the police covers up Freewallet scam?

We posted this article on the second website of our project. You can read the full text at this link. Let us briefly note the main complaints against law enforcement officers.

  • Freewallet is a cryptocurrency wallet whose administration steals clients’ assets. When coins are transferred to the user, Freewallet owners block his transactions and ignore requests. 
  • The real founder of the wallet may be Dmitry Gunyashov, who lives or often visits London. 
  • This criminal process falls under the jurisdiction of British law enforcement.

We have already established these facts by analyzing customer reviews and comments.

On August 1, 2023, we filed an official crime report addressed to NFIB. This request is registered under number NFRC230806087223. At the same time, we created a petition calling for an investigation into the actions of the Freewallet administration. The petition is available at the link https://chng.it/hJhZVYp5Wy and has already received more than 30 signatures, mainly from victims of the Freewallet scam.

To date, there has been no clear answer from British law enforcement. In fact, the employees ignored not only our appeal, but also the situation with the deception of dozens of clients.

Can we stop Freewallet scam if Police ignores crime reports?

Yes, although the attention of law enforcement is certainly necessary. But even in this situation, each person can contribute to the fight against scammers. Our goal today is to achieve the removal of Freewallet app from popular stores, especially the App Store.

  1. Write the text of the complaint indicating how Freewallet app deceives users. You can write your own story, or take our sample
  2. Add to your text links to all Freewallet app builds







  1. Send abuses to App Store emails reportphishing@apple.com and abuse@icloud.com (preferably sent to both addresses).

Writing and sending a complaint will take you only 10 minutes. But not only will this help protect other customers from being scammed, it will also bring more attention to Freewallet org scams!