Warning about delistings and delistings without warnings

We would like to inform you that we intend to delist Enjincoin (ENJ) due to an upcoming swap

This warning appeared the other day on the blog of scammers from Freewallet org. It would seem that such notifications are a good sign indicating that the administration cares about clients.

But in fact, Freewallet warns about minor changes (like delisting little-known coins), and at the same time surprisingly “forgets” to tell users about much more serious innovations.

As an example, you can evaluate a complaint from one of your customers. He deposited coins through the Tron blockchain. The administration blocked the account under the pretext of suspicious activity. But the most interesting thing began later. After viewing the transaction history in the blockchain explorer, the user noticed that the coins from his address had disappeared somewhere. Although the Freewallet window showed the presence of assets, there were none at the address. And this all happened without any notice or warning!

This once again proves: do not believe Freewallet’s words about taking care of customers. They may show it in small things, but only in order to steal a large sum from you later!