Send a complaint to Cloudflare – don’t let scammers hide their location!

The best way to stop Freewallet scammers is to get a fair and independent international investigation. We are making some progress in this process. We previously wrote that law enforcement officers in one of the countries began to consider a statement from a victim of Freewallet’s actions. But even in the best case scenario, the investigation will take months. Therefore, in addition to appealing to law enforcement, we need to fight to ensure that the fraudulent site stops deceiving new victims.

Cloudflare is a service that allows website owners to hide the name and location of the hosting provider’s servers. This is a kind of anonymizer. The Cloudflare service itself is quite useful; in particular, with its help, honest administrators manage to avoid DDoS attacks. But in this case, scammers from Freewallet use Cloudflare to hide information about themselves. We have to stop this!

Send abuse to Cloudflare!

In the screenshot above you see the text of the appeal to the Cloudflare administration, submitted on behalf of our organization Stop Freewallet Fraud. We have sent a formal request and asked Cloudflare not to provide Freewallet services. Since the actions of the owners of the “wallet” contradict both the law and the rules of Cloudflare itself.

We ask everyone to join us!

  • Abuse form | Cloudflare | The web performance & security company visit this page.
  • Fill the form, tell the story of you being scammed by Freewallet or just provide a link to any of our materials.
  • Ask Cloudflare to ban (meaning that they will stop providing any services to this scammers).
  • Also sent your abuse to

The text of the complaint can be anything. For example, you could describe how Freewallet scammers robbed you personally. You can also add links to our or other publications. It is important to convey to the Cloudflare administration that the Freewallet wallet is a scam.

This action will take you no more than 10-15 minutes. But with enough complaints, you can make sure that the public knows the name of the website hosting provider. Accordingly, the next step will be to contact the provider with a request to delete the site. This will help protect new customers from fraud.

We gather like-minded people – people who have lost coins due to the fault of Freewallet, and who want to stop scammers. Write to us, tell your story, and together we will seek justice!