It’s time to stop Freewallet scam!

Freewallet fraudsters must be stopped!

We maid many articles in which explained, what is Freewallet KYC scam, and who already became victims of this fraud. But that’s not enough! Only our actions can help to restore justice!

Send abuse to AppStore

Most users install Freewallet through the AppStore. As a result, scammers manage to rob new victims every day. Write a complaint demanding that all Freewallet assemblies be removed from the store website.

Please follow the next algorithm:

  1. Write the text of the complaint indicating how Freewallet app deceives users. You can write your own story, or take our sample

2. Add to your text links to all Freewallet app builds

3. Send abuses to App Store emails and (preferably sent to both addresses).

The text of the complaint can be extremely short. Just write that you demand to remove Freewallet, since this wallet is engaged in scam (KYC fraud). If you have time and desire, you can describe your situation or a situation known to you. If not, you can limit yourself to a link to one of our materials. It will take no more than 10 minutes!

Send abuse to CloudFlare and NameCheap

Write a short complaint and send it to these addresses. In the letter, indicate that you require the Freewallet org service to be blocked. Be sure to emphasize that this is a fraudulent project and provide screenshots, links, or other evidence to support your words!

Contact us

Freewallet scam is very dangerous, because owners of this app hide the facts of their fraud. Formally, the administration acts within the framework of its own established rules. That is, the Freewallet org website directly states the right of owners to block any wallet for an unlimited period and demand any documents. In such a situation, it is difficult to prove fraud. You definitely need the help of a lawyer.

Write to this address and we will:

  • Help you to collect and record evidence of fraud. In particular, our lawyer will assess the availability of correspondence, screenshots, give advice on how to get them if you did not have time to do so.
  • We will help you draw up a legally competent appeal to the police, court or prosecutor’s office to initiate a criminal case and return assets.
  • If necessary, we will provide informational support and make sure that as many people as possible know about each negative review.

We do not provide any paid services and do not collect private information (passwords, wallet addresses, etc.). Our goal is to help Freewallet scam victims.

Contact local authorities and send them official crime report.

Full list of organisations in various countries is available here

We recommend that you first contact us so that our lawyer can help you draw up a competent application. But even a short request with a call to investigate the actions of Freewallet and a link to our materials can help initiate the process of punishing scammers!