Is Freewallet legit?

There are many scammers and deceivers in the modern cryptocurrency community. Often wallets, exchanges and other services disappear after stealing clients’ assets. Therefore, it is not surprising that users are looking for legitimate applications for storing and transferring cryptocurrency.

Is Freewallet legit? We can give you the definite answer: NO. More then that, if you ask whether Freewallet is good and safe, the correct answer will also be NO.

It’s easy to check is Freewallet legit. Visit their official website and find there that they claim, that the services owner is Wallet Services LTD, Hong Kong.

But even just a Google search reveals that this company actually went out of business back in January 2022. That is, even the official website of the wallet contains inaccurate information. Why do owners do this? Because they want to mislead users, to convince them that Freewallet is legit. In reality, this application is designed to steal assets.

Freewallet is scam

New clients may not immediately suspect fraud. As long as there is no money in your wallet, the application seems convenient and safe. But as soon as you receive your first transaction, access to your account is blocked without warning. After which the support service begins to come up with excuses like “suspicious activity” and “dubious transactions.”

Victims are asked to verify their wallet. But at the same time, support rejects requests and finds fault with documents. As a result, many clients are unable to withdraw assets even months after blocking.

This is an obvious deception, and reviews like this prove that Freewallet is not legit. It’s a scam, so never use it!