How much money did Freewallet owners steal?

When we created a website aimed against scammers from Freewallet org in August 2023, we approximately estimated the amount of damage at $8 million. This figure was indicated based on a preliminary estimate. When communicating with the press, law enforcement officers and ordinary readers, we sometimes notice distrust in our words. It’s time to prove that Freewallet owners really stole huge sums!

$500,000 at one time

In 2021 a user with the nickname Caliwood decided to download Freewallet crypto wallet. His account was active, everything looked like ok. Caliwood got a payment for selling his program code to a foreign partner for almost $500 000. The transaction was successful, but when the customer decided to withdraw his money, Freewallet wallet blocked his account.

Caliwood asked for support many times. The Freewallet administration made him to proceed verification (KYC). But… It didn’t help. As a victim said: “I already sent them pictures, documents, and videos, and they just request more and more videos of each transaction”.

The original message by the victim was posted in 2021 on one of the biggest crypto forums, Bitcointalk. But even complaining about Freewallet scammers didn’t help. The user lost savings.

Bitcointalk scam accusations

Bitcointalk is one of the oldest crypto forums. On this board you can find traders and investors from all over the world. It is noteworthy that both old-timers and newcomers to this forum clearly came to the conclusion: Freewallet is a scam project!

Here we can mention dozens scam accusations, posted by Bitcointalk users:

  • August, 2018. User named snowjohn tells that Freewallet stole one of his transaction. The loss was almost 3.5 ETH which at that time was equal to $5000.
  • July, 2019. Customer with nickname fuckpay accuses Freewallet app in stealing 15.2 BTC. At that time it was around $75 000.
  • April 08, 2020. Yahya.zzz makes a topic with Freewallet scam accusation. User lost 0.7186 BTC, due to Freewallet KYC scam. 
  • May 16, 2020. User named ferrykyra tells, that Freewallet administration stole $55 000 from his account.

These are the largest (in terms of damage) cases of fraud on the part of Freewallet org. But if you carefully study all the discussions, you can find more than 30 more stories from victims. Thus, on only one Bitcointalk forum we found evidence that the Freewallet administration stole more than $1 million

Why this information is important

A look through the reviews and complaints on one single forum shows that the owners of Freewallet org have stolen millions from their customers. Accordingly, their actions can be qualified as fraud committed on an especially large scale. Based on this, we once again appeal to law enforcement officers: conduct an objective investigation that will bring the creators of this project to justice!

We also ask all the guests of our website to sign a petition

Our appeal to NFIB is important because, according to our information, the owner of the project, Dmitry Gunyashov, may live in London. Consequently, the criminal case against Freewallet is also in British jurisdiction