Help us combat Freewallet scammers!

Help us combat Freewallet scammers! Report abuses to NameCheap, CloudFlare, App Store, etc.

Taking just 10 minutes of your time can help prevent new instances of fraud.

Send abuse to NameCheap

To report abuse to NameCheap, email

NameCheap, a domain registrar and web hosting company, registered the domain name Reporting abuses to them is crucial as they oversee domain management and have protocols to tackle illegal or malicious activities associated with domains like

To report a crypto scam website to NameCheap:

  1. Compose an Email: Clearly subject your email as “Report of scam” and provide a concise description of fraudulent activities along with evidence.
  2. Include Evidence: Attach screenshots, emails, or any relevant evidence supporting your claim.
  3. Send the Email: Address it to
  4. Follow Up: If needed, follow up to ensure your report receives attention.

For reporting the Freewallet app on the App Store:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Navigate to Support/Contact Us.
  3. Select “Report a Problem” and choose the reason for your report.
  4. Provide Details: Clearly describe the issue and include evidence if possible.
  5. Submit Report.

Also, send abuse texts to and

By reporting scams, you help protect users and maintain platform integrity.

Send abuse to CloudFlare:

  1. Visit the Cloudflare Abuse Form. (
  2. Fill out the form with detailed information and attach evidence.

Additionally, sign the petition urging the NFIB to investigate Freewallet scam cases. Fill out the form through this link.

This 4 steps are easy, but if even 10 victims will do this, Freewallet scam is gone be stopped!