Freewallet scammers try to explain “how to cash out Bitcoin”

We usually describe situations in which Freewallet users have lost their savings. We publish reviews and comments from victims, describe scam methods and give advice to victims. But today I would like to draw your attention to an interesting post published by the Freewallet administration…

There are many different ways to turn your crypto funds into fiat money or even goods.

This text is written in one of the blog posts on the official website of the wallet. In an article titled How to Cash Out Bitcoin? A Full Guide, the administration talks about different ways to exchange BTC for fiat.

The funny thing about this article is that it lists different methods of exchange. But the main thing is not told. You will never be able to withdraw BTC if it ends up on Freewallet. Because in this case, the administration will simply steal the coins and block your account!

Here is an example of a review left by one of the victims. You see that the victim received bitcoins, but now cannot withdraw them. Because the administration, under the pretext of “suspicious activity,” blocked the wallet.

This is the main truth about Freewallet!

Similar reviews can be found on many resources. And everywhere clients describe a similar situation: under the guise of Freewallet verification, scammers simply steal coins!

Therefore, no matter what methods of exchanging BTC for fiat the scammers describe on their website, do not believe them! If you install Freewallet, you will lose everything!