Freewallet scammers hide behind well-known crypto portals to deceive clients

“Meet our new media partner: CoinSpeaker”, “Freewallet is an official wallet for the KIN coin”,
“Freewallet has appeared on a Netflix show”
. You may find dozens of similar pages in Freewallet official blog. This makes it seem as if the largest crypto portals and digital projects are recommending that users install Freewallet. But if you look in more detail, everything turns out to be a little different.

In reality, large companies that add Freewallet to their list of recommended wallets or leave positive reviews are not aware of how many customers have been scammed. In the process of communicating with teams of other projects, we began to understand that the owners of Freewallet are making a lot of efforts to attract other projects to their side. But at the same time, the owners carefully hide the fact that hundreds of users left negative comments and complaints.

In this regard, we would like to appeal to representatives of crypto projects who left recommendations to Freewallet: do not allow scammers to use the names of your brands to find new victims. THIS situation will only harm your reputation!