Freewallet scammers have found a new way to attract customers

Thousands of new users, starting to invest or work with cryptocurrency, are looking for a convenient and secure wallet. To do this, people browse forums and discussion sites. Those who are more cautious should definitely study the opinions of other crypto traders and investors. And in this situation, Freewallet scammers found a way to attract new customers. They use custom advertising comments published by supposedly “satisfied Freewallet users”

We discovered this trick while looking at discussions on Reddit that included the keyword Freewallet. Suddenly, a lot of the same type of posts caught my eye, in which the authors thank Freewallet for its reliable service, admire the low fees and the availability of cold storage. This situation seemed very strange.

Everyone knows that real users of the application most often encounter problems when storing and withdrawing assets. Fraudsters from the administration block their wallets, and support ignores tickets. But only those who carefully follow the reviews know about this. Beginners tend to trust the opinions of others.

Look again at a comment like this. My cryptocurrency is safe. Freewallet has low fees. I chose this application because it has cold storage.

If you see comments like this, know that these posts are ordered by the Freewallet administration to steal the money of gullible newcomers! And if in doubt, look at the reviews and complaints yourself, written by real customers of the application!

Here’s an example: a fraud victim tells how the administration stole almost 6.5k USDT. What kind of security and cold storage can we talk about when the owners of Freewallet simply took the client’s coins?

Freewallet stole my bitcoins. Here’s what real customers write about this app! And you can find thousands of such people.

Therefore, if you see a comment somewhere in which the author advertises Freewallet, feel free to click the “complain” button. Because this post was written with money stolen from the victims of the Freewallet scam!