Freewallet addresses update as a new possibility to steal assets

Freewallet support announsed crypto addresses update. Int the ifficial blog it was mentioned that To deposit your XRP, SOL, ATOM, or ALGO, you will need to generate a new Freewallet address prior to March 21, 2024.

What will happen next?

As soon as the client updates the addresses, the administration will have an excellent argument for blocking the account. The user will receive a notification that due to “suspicious activity” their addresses have been frozen. To withdraw assets, the client will be asked to confirm his identity, as well as the legality of the origin of the funds. This procedure will drag on for a long time; the administration will reject documents or find fault with their quality. As a result, the victim will lose his savings.

Therefore, our advice for everyone who stores XRP, SOL< ATOM and other coins on Freewallet: try to withdraw them now, without waiting for the ban!